Q: Are you guys the Malbons at the gas station?

A: No, we’re not. Those Malbons (Malbon Bros.) are cousins. Unfortunately folks get us confused. Being that their location is so close to where the original Malbon hog farm was, lots of folks mix us up. Read more about the differences between Malbon’s BBQ and Malbon Bros.

Q: What is North Carolina-style barbecue?

A: NC-style barbecue involves cooking a whole hog at extremely low temperatures for many hours, allowing the full potential of the meat to come out without it drying out. NC-style barbecue should always be cooked completely through, with no pink. Once cooked it is pulled from the bone and shredded or finely chopped before a vinegar-based sauce is added to the pork after the cooking process is done. In addition to the barbecued pork, coleslaw is typically served as a side. North Carolina barbecue is not something you want to miss out on!

whole hot bbq catering virginia beach norfolkQ: What makes Malbon’s BBQ & Catering different?

A: Malbon’s has been in business since 1983, which has given us a lot of time to perfect our craft. Our barbecue is some of the best in the area! We pride ourselves in the quality of our food and service alike — Malbon’s can be counted on to always be non-greasy, delicious barbecue that you and your guests will be sure to remember.