Don’t settle for mediocre food that could leave your guests less than satisfied. Instead, savor the options of freshly prepared food from Malbon’s BBQ Catering. Unique or traditional, we’re sure to meet your catering needs.

Traditional BBQ Catering

We specialize in  Whole Hog BBQ  Catering and offer a selection of menus that are sure to please any crowd.

We look forward to serving your event and satisfying your appetite.


Food Truck Catering

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“’The Flying Pig’ offers packaged deals for those who want non traditional catering options. Each packaged deal is customized to match your specific event. These packages are ideal for corporations and offices who wish to have a food truck luncheon for their employees,” adds John Malbon.

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At Malbon’s BBQ & Catering, and Malbon’s BBQ The Flying Pig, we’ll treat your event with the dedication and attention it deserves. Our goal is to have you and your guests completely satisfied with our delicious BBQ Catering services. When it comes to festive BBQ Catering fare, don’t expect anything less than quality ingredients.